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Yeah, I started using that username a long time ago, though I've stopped reading the comics since.

Here was today:
Monday, 10/29/07

- 10 knees to elbows
- 10 dumbbell overhead squats, 1x35#
- 10 GHD sit-ups, 35#
- mobility drills

- 2x(200m:200m)
- 1x400m
Jump Squat:
- 1x6, 115#
- 1x6, 145#
- 1x6, 185#
Front Squat:
- 3x8, 115#
- 1x8, 125#
- 1x4, 135# (terminated the set)
Bench Press:
- 1x6, 115#
- 2x6, 135#
- 1x4+F, 135#

- 3x25 sumo-deadlift high pull, 60# (10 breaths rest)
- stretch

- The 400m was timed at about 1:08 using my analogue watch. Bleh. The cross-wind definitely didn't help either. I need to focus more on getting short, quick paces. My form fell apart in the cold.
- The jump squats were easy... Really easy. It was the first time I had done then, so I didn't know what weight to start at.
- My digital watch battery died yesterday, leaving me unable to time a Tabata (or accurately time my 400m). Instead, I did 3x25 with 10 long breaths of rest in between each 25. It had a similar feeling. It also seems that it'd be good to do the pull Tabata on push-days and vice versa because of fatigue already built up from the lifting.

How heavy should jump squats be? I had no idea what weight to start at, but I probably could have gone to 225+. (I was doing them as shown here , not full squats.)

And I sincerely apologize for being able to bench more than I can front squat! I'm sure as I get more used to front squats, that'll change.
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