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I think I am currently doing the Zone Paleo. As Robb said in previous posts, he uses the zone as a guide. (Not a direct quote). I am using it to get my calories in check, not necessarily what it recommends to eat. I have dropped 25lbs since Jan, but they have been streaky drops. 5lbs in one week, then holding pattern, then 7 lbs, then a couple of months with nothing. It goes like this. It might be gradual and I just don't notice it.
I don't eat any starches what-so-ever. I am cutting back on the fruit...2 a day and sticking to veg sources for my carbs. I'm not too familiar with the Paleo exactly, just what I probably should not be eating. I'm curious, would this make the difference. And I definitely have to go get some CLO. Tonight to Costco.

Thanks everyone for their input.
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