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Thanks Nick...yeah those walking lunges are a real _ITCH!

Overall, with the nutrition advice of Robb & company...and doing CrossFit sounds like you are definately on the track.

Bar none, I think the most valuable piece of advice you can take to help you lean out and change your body composition is simply, "Stay the course."

Sounds so basic and "No shit Steve, I already know that," but these three words are so often overlooked and often so quickly forgotten. I've noticied this trend over the years visiting various nutrition message boards on the web. Happened to myself several times.

The problem is there is sooooo much information and sooo many knowledgeable folks dispensing good nutrition information for free that what happens is if somone doesn't see results in a month or two, they quickly dinch the plan for something better.

Just remember, it takes years and years of hard work to alter your body fat (lose excess bodyfat and build solid muscle) and achieve that "damn Nick's fit as a Roman gladiator" look. Based on this simple thread alone, it sounds like you have a solid plan in your arsenal and neccessary tools to get where you want to be.

Can't say enough...but don't get too caught up into mastering the tactics....

...just stick to a plan, stay the course and changes will happen (in time)!
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