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Hey I passed. Sorry for the crappy photo but all I remembered was my cell phone.

We ran through a ton of stuff.

Double, Single, Sprawl from double, Sprawl from single
Hip Throw
Guillotine defense arm goes on the same side as your leg (dope)
3 sweeps from guard: scissor, omoplata and armbar
3 passes from closed guard
3 submissions from guard: armbar, triangle, omoplata
armbar from mount both side
Gi choke from mount
escape from mount
escape from side control
2 chokes from back gi and rnc
escape from RNC

We then rolled with our partner at 50% to show live transitions and position. The instructor conducting the testing was very specific don't hold position work to different spots and move so they could see our flow. We did this for probably around 5 - 10 minutes. When you are amped up it is hard to tell how much time has passed.

I know I am leaving stuff out. We paired up and there were 7 black belts on the mat watching about 12 guys. I was pretty nervous in before it started but once we actually got on the mat everything flowed really well.
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