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Stuart Mather
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G'day Heidi, what I like most about IF is the improved body comp with slightly less resistance exercise than I was doing over a four year stretch with low carb only (which itself was a substantial improvement on mod/high 'healthy, complex/unprocessed carbs' previously). Warrior dieters who snack throughout the day are not really intermittently fasting anyway. And Ori himself doesn't seem to have a clue about the health/body comp benefits of carb restriction. I've no idea to what extent he personally snacks during the day. But the muscle growth gene expression/hgh boosting effect of going for longer without food is not going to be as high if you're 'soft plateauing' these mechanisms by not eliminating calorie intake altogether.

And as I think might have been mentioned to you in an earlier post, the tripartite approach to efficient muscle growth of IF/adequate protein and EFA's/ regular intense resistance exercise truly is an effective strategy. But you can't miss out one element and expect the others to take up the slack. You've mentioned that your study committments make resistance exercise difficult. Maybe so, Heidi, but even the busiest person in the world can manage a daily 10 minute body weight resistance program. You can do it anywhere/anytime/ wearing whatever you have on. But it will only work (in that short time frame) if you do it with an intensity that you may not have even imagined you were capable of. At the end of that 10 minutes, you really should feel as if you muscles are going to dissolve.

It's only ten minutes. Your muscle glycogen reserves won't even come close to being exhausted, even if you eat zero carbohydrate.

Muscles simply will not grow unless you work them, even if you do eat enough protein and intermittently fast. Give it a go. You'll be amazed. And FWIW it will also enhance cognitive function.

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