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Originally Posted by Heidi Anschultz View Post

So my question that I hope does not get me banned from this forum is this: does the warrior diet or intermittent fasting cause loss of muscle? Aside from the "health benefits" of intermittent fasting, why would it be a good thing to be wasting away neck muscle, organ muscle, etc. other muscles that you cannot in any way consciously train on a regular basis?
Maybe I am oversimplifying things here..... If you are wasting away, as per the question above, then there is something wrong, no matter what the diet is. The results that are sought after by IF or warrior diet are intended to increase lean muscle mass and or body composition, any other result would be indicative of a diet that simply isn't working.

The answer to your question, IMO, no it should not. Some muscle loss perhaps, but only to a point, wasting away, not at all a goal of any diet.
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