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In the same discussion, Lyle McDonald makes this point (this is a discussion of IF that's happening on Lyle's board)

generally speaking, as obesity develops, insulin resistance tends to develop

quite in fact, some think that insulin resistance is an adaptation to try and prevent further weight gain. given what insulin resistance actually means (and the signal to the brain that chronically high insulin levels are at least trying to send, insulin tending to decrease appetite when it sends a proper signal to the brain), this makes logical sense.

additionally, if folks would take the time to think about it

a. the easiest time to lose weight is when you're very fat which is typoically when you're most insulin resistant
b. the easiest time to gain weight is at the end of the diet when you're insulin sensitivity has gone up

one recent review drew a distinction between
a. an inappropriate insulin secretion following a meal
b. whole body insulin resistance

in terms of prediliction towards weight gain. they argued that 'a' tended to be associated with weight gain while 'b' is clearly associated with resistance to further weight gain
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