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Originally Posted by Nick Papapetrou View Post
I am on the zone and I had all the energy in the world. With IF (16-19hr fast, needing 15 blocks for the other 6) I had zero energy.
Were you working out while fasted? Long fasts ended with workouts tend to be big time drainers. Long fasts with a pre-WO meal have been working well for me and my strength goals right now but I don't see how it would differ if my goals were CF. The only thing different I would do would be have a smaller pre-WO meal. Big huge pre-WO salad and a metcon would be a bucket full.

Originally Posted by Nick Papapetrou View Post
I would break the fast at around 5:30 and eat until 10:30-11pm and then go to sleep. I would be ok if I was on a rest day but on workout days I had nothing in me.
Well then just fast on rest days, thats how I started. As time went by and I became more "adapted" to the fast I started fasting for longer periods and fasting on my training days. It's worked really well for me and others but it did take some tinkering to find out what worked well.

Fasting is a lot like a fitness regimen. What works for some may not work for others. There's no magic pill or perfect program just what works for you.
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