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Default Wobenzyme and Systemic Enzymes

Now that my football team's season is over and I'm done coaching for the year, I can get back to posting more. I missed the interaction and great info here.

Anyway, after using glucosamine/chondroitin for years to help joint pain and discomfort, I recently decided to try Wobenzyme since one of its touted benefits is alleviating joint pain. The claims also state that Wobenzyme helps athletes with recovery and, since it contains bromelein and other enzymes, helps with digestion. There are a host of other touted benefits also.

In addition to the joint benefits and digestion, the recovery claims intrigue me since I gave up all dairy, including whey for a while, in an attempt to go purist with the paleo. (I always like whey for the glutamine and amino acid profile which I believe helped me recovery after those KB sessions.)

I would like to hear some other people's experiences with Wobenzyme and other systemic enzymes. Also, could someone please send me some links with some studies on systemic enzymes?
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