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Default Deadlift progression for SS

Im a little confused as to the proper progression on the SS model for the deadlift in the novice programming. In it Coach Riptoe suggests warm-up sets for the squat and press/bench followed by 3 sets of 5. On the Deadlift he only states 1 set of 5. Should warm-up sets follow in the same manner as the other exercises?


115 x 5 x 2
135 x 5 x 1
165 x 3 x 1
195 x 2 x 1

225 x 1 x 5

Or is that more of a strain on the CNS instead of 1 x 5 after a few minutes of recovery from the second exercise?

Also, what is more beneficial on a MEBB platform following SS in a training method that would look like this:

5 days on 2 off

Mon & Fri: SS
Tue - Thur: CF Metcon focused

Would that be too taxing on the CNS and recovery or do you think it could work if proper rest and diet were in order?
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