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It's just full of absurdly retarded comics which chronicle the story of a poorly drawn ninja, who does absolutely nothing ninja-like. Here's an example:

- Friday: I ran a 1200m in 4:10 (was trying to pace for 4:00). I know there are another 400m hiding in there somewhere. Now I just gotta find them!
- Saturday: In doing warm-up running drills to work on running technique before a 1600m, I stepped in a hole in the grass, fell, and rolled my ankle. I'm going pretty good now, and I'll be back to running on Wednesday.
- Monday (today): After seeing a Dan John video posted somewhere here recently, I fixed the way I squat. I was always squatting "on top of the legs" rather than "slung between the legs." So, now I can go deeper and with better form, but it also cut my lift by something between 20-35 pounds. 150# for an 8RM; that really needs improvement. Most of the load was felt in my glutes and hip flexors.
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