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Heidi, every single time I find myself not feeling well I know that all I have to do is consider the 4 pillars of health, and fix the one that's falling short. They are :
Stress/Enjoyment of life

If any one of these is out of wack or being neglected, you're going to feel like crap. Don't try to compare yourself to the innumerable bums around you (ESPECIALLY in college) that eat cafeteria food, get 3 hours of sleep a night, stress out about every little thing there is, and think that walking to their second floor class is a workout. These people DO feel like shit, all the time. They aren't healthy, and unfortunately, probably never will be. Try not to compare your self to people that are worse off than you are. Compare yourself to people who are better off than you are. This is the only way to progress and motivate yourself. So many people have that habit of saying "Well, atleast I'm better off than that person".
There are dreams we’re taught are normal, whether it’s money or success or any of those things, but we shouldn’t believe in those things if they are not important to us. There is an ocean between our real lives and what is expected of us.” -Tim Lambesis
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