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Workout 2

The second workout
I just did pretty much the exact same thing. I don't want to jump in too quick and hurt something. I also got a copy of Dan Johns from the ground up. I like it a lot. I might try a couple of the workouts when ever I feel comfortable with what I'm doing now.

5 minutes walking inclined on a treadmill.

Military press

2x10 with the bar
4x10 @ 95 This seemed a lot easier today. Left shoulder still tight, uncomfortable.

Sumo deads
4x10 135 I stuck with light weight and focused on form a little more today. I didn't go up in weight because I had a little more crackle in my knee than I wanted.

Front squats
2x10 with the bar
4x10 with 95 This seemed a little easier today as well. I need to work on bar placement. It was pinching my delts pretty good by the last set. I'm currently grabbing the bar off the rack at about shoulder level and crossing my arms. Would it benefit me to clean the weight to my chest and do it from that grip at all?

Ego still took a hit today, light weights. I think it's funny I'm using the same weight for military presses and front squats. My upper body is IMO much stronger than my lower.

Not bad for my second try. I don't think :-)

Stay with me though I know these workouts will get exciting in time.
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