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My thoughts on progression....

I'm planning on staying with the 4 sets of 10 with what ever weight I can handle until after Thanksgiving. I think that gives me some time to get acquainted with the lifts and see if my knees will handle the abuse.

I'm planning on working out 3 days a week. Something like Mon, Wed, Sat
Tues, Thurs, Fri I will try to do some sort of cardio maybe a few yoga classes to help with flexibility. Sunday is rest. Any suggestions?

A little Background

I grew up a fat kid. I graduated High school 6'4 285lbs. I've always been strong and muscular, compared to my friends. I stayed fat and started jogging my freshman year of college. I'd jog 2 miles then drink a 12 pack in the dorm. Moved to a new college with a nice gym my junior year. I decided to lose weight I ate egg whites and canned tuna fish with iceberg lettuce for about 8 months to the tune of about 1200 calories a day. I was playing around in the gym and jogging about 30 miles a week. I lost about 95 lbs in that time. I felt like crap my joints ached constantly. I graduated college @ 190lbs. I had some abs and nice muscle tone but I still felt like crap.

I moved to a new town got an office job. quit working out quit jogging. I was burnt out physically and mentally. That was 2 years ago. I currently weigh 215ish. I've fluctuated between 210-250 since moving. I would low carb and workout sporadically. I've lost a lot of muscle mass since junior year of college. I'm hoping to find something I can do moderately and long term. I don't want to burn out again. I'd really like to see some abs again too...

My diet

I've been Ifing for 5 days a week about 8 weeks now. I'm moving more and more into Paleo choices as well. I did a traditional Keto diet for about 2 weeks them moved into Ifing in that timespan I've lost about 30lbs, down from about 247ish. I've always reacted nicely to low carbs. I imagine I will still eat them sparingly but I'm trying to make myself eat some fruit. (I'm a weekday carbaphobe :-))

My If window is from 7-11pm. I was skeptical at first because the weight was falling off so fast but I haven't lost any strength in the gym maybe even added a little. I also enjoy not watching the clock and trying to eat every 3 hours. I think i could IF Mon-Fri long term. On weekends I usually eat a little junk sometimes a lot of junk but i try to be conservative with portions.

It's still hard for me to believe you could gain muscle IFing but I want to try none the less.
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