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- add more healthy fats (as fats are easy condensed calories)
- put almond butter on chicken (make sure you get enough omega 3s too from fish oil to balance the excessive omega 6 intake)
- make sure to keep your protein intake aroud 0.8-1gram/lean lbs
- If you need to, add a protein shake with each meal to get in more protein, or have a protein shake with flaxseed/coconut oil or some other healthy fat. I find that of benefit around training hours as it will digest quickly compared to food (of course if you can get all your protein from food that would be the best option, I however need like 200+ grams of protein to start putting on muscle so no way I can eat that much. I need lower amounts to maintain.)

Gaining muscle is all about 2 things:
- Increased Protein Utilization
- Decreased Muscle Loss

IF should help with both, and it couldn't hurt to also add in some digestive enzymes (both fasting to improve GI environment, and with food to improve protein digestion/utilization). Also Omega 3 Fish Oil will have a huge advantage in decreasing muscle loss through lower cortisol levels from training, so get that as well.
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