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Originally Posted by Max Murphy View Post

Front squats
2x10 with the bar
4x10 with 95 This seemed a little easier today as well. I need to work on bar placement. It was pinching my delts pretty good by the last set. I'm currently grabbing the bar off the rack at about shoulder level and crossing my arms. Would it benefit me to clean the weight to my chest and do it from that grip at all?

Work on bar placement, you can take the bar from the rack using the clean grip. The bar should be on your clavicles pretty much, it will be uncomfortable. It will become more uncomfortable as you go up in weight. Things to keep in mind.

1. Try to keep your elbows up.
2. In the beginning it is very rare for people to be able to grip the bar in their hand in that position. Keeping a few fingers from each hand on it would be where you start from.
3. Keep your chest up and make sure you take a deep breath in your diaphragm before the negative portion and don't let your breathe out until at the top, if needed let the air out slowly. Don't let the air out at the bottom of the rep.
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