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Saturday I will try the clean grip when I squat. I've done it once or twice already but it was more comfortable holding it the other way. Thanks Allen, for the tips.

I'll vary the rep scheme a little from here out. 3x15 is doable. I've been toying with the idea of working my way up to 10x10 before I up the poundages much. I figured the higher reps would help me shed some flab while strengthening my joints and such. Thoughts?

Cardio... what's that? :-)

Like I mentioned earlier, I enjoy a good jog greatly but I think this is what has caused a lot of my knee pain. October 2005 I ran a 5k in 20:36, I thought that was pretty good. Now I'm looking at maybe getting into some road cycling. Something low(er) impact. Recently I've just been walking on a an incline for 30-45 minutes. Would Met-con be considered cardio? I was introduced to that phrase from this forum, I've been looking into it, intrigued really.

Next week, it gets serious :-)
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