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Default Value of Assistance Exercises

G'day guys

I normally CrossFit (WOD's) but I'm currently in a 4-week strength phase (just finished the 2nd week) to improve my, funnily enough, strength and better my WOD performance.

I'm using the Texas Method from Rip's Practical Programming as follows
Monday (High Vol/High Intensity)
Back Squat 5 x 5 (90-95% 5RM)
Bench Press 5 x 5 (90-95% 5RM)
Power Clean 5 x 3 (90-95% 5RM)

Wednesday (Low Vol/Low Intensity)
Front Squat 3 x 3 (80% 5RM)
Press 5 x 5 (80% 5RM)
Weighted Back Ext 3 x 10 (10-15kg)
Weighted Chins 3 x 5 (15-20kg)

Friday (Low Vol/High Intensity)
This is a test day where I try for a new PR at either 1RM, 3RM or 5RM.
Back Squat
Bench Press

My stats are 31 yrs, 6 foot (183cms) and 187lbs (85kgs)
Current PB's as of this morning
Back Squat - 145kgs (319lbs)
Bench - 100kgs (220lbs)
Deadlift - 150kgs (330lbs)

My short term goals (for this phase) are 150kg Squat, 170kg Deadlift and 105kg Bench.

Ultimately I'm after a 170kg Squat, 130kg Bench and 215kg Deadlift!

After that long winded intro, my question is this.

What value are assistance exercises such as Pull Throughs, GHR's, Reverse Hypers, Weighted Dips etc, in improving my strength on the big 3. Should they be included somewhere, maybe in another phase or should I just keep it simple and squat, bench and deadlift more?
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