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Originally Posted by Jason Donaldson View Post
What value are assistance exercises such as Pull Throughs, GHR's, Reverse Hypers, Weighted Dips etc, in improving my strength on the big 3. Should they be included somewhere, maybe in another phase or should I just keep it simple and squat, bench and deadlift more?
Variety is always good...and it targets your muscles in a different way and forces the body to adapt. It can also hit areas of weakness that may be affecting your big lifts. Remember you are only as strong as your weakest muscle, so doing things like GHRs will add strength to your lower back/posterior chain and only improve your bigger lifts. Just find days to rotate in something squats instead of reg squats....dips instead of bench....add some Good Mornings in, etc. If the guys at Westside BB are doing it...then chances are it's for a good reason. You should notice a difference as I never bench but just by doing dips and pushups my bench went up mainly because I know it helped to fix shoulder instabilities from old injuries.
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