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I couldn't agree with you more. This is stuff I've been thinking about for a long time. It really amazes me. I think the reason people chase materialism is because they've never truly experienced vibrant health. They were unhealthy from day one when their mothers fed them baby formula and cheerios. The only hope that they thought they had for happiness was materialism. I saw a documentary last week in a diversity class I'm taking on contemporary Chinese culture. They were comparing the lifestyles of industrial China to those who lived in rural area. It was amazing how much happier the rural community was than the industrial. The farmers had nothing but their small shacks and rice fields in terms of possessions, but were incredibly happy, as they had a close-knit family and a slow paced lifestyle. The grandparents of the farmers, who stilled lived of the land were in there 90's and still seemed upbeat and hopeful. The city dwellers were plagued with depression and anger despite having all sorts of material objects and money. They "enjoyed" plenty of fast food, fast cars, video games, guitars, etc yet openly admitted to being miserable. Sadly, it's only a few of us who are realizing this obvious problem. (sighing) what to do, what to do.
There are dreams we’re taught are normal, whether it’s money or success or any of those things, but we shouldn’t believe in those things if they are not important to us. There is an ocean between our real lives and what is expected of us.” -Tim Lambesis
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