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Stuart Mather
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Hi Sarena, a few of the people doing Low Carb/IF (usually 23/1) on Active Low Carber Forums are type 2, and are seeing better blood sugar control than low carb alone. Low carb itself being a considerable improvement on the mod- high carb/exercise dietary approach to managing diabetes. All exercise only lightly.

Even non diabetics seem to report blood sugar fluctuation/energy level improvements from IF, but the best results seem to be from combining both IF and lowcarb. That has certainly been my experience. I did the 'gradual ramping up of the fast length' that Garrett suggested. It took me six months to get to daily 20 hr fasts (about 2 months to get to fifteen). I'd already been (< 60g) low carbing for nearly 4 yrs when I started extending my overnight fast. Now after a year, I alternate between 19, 20, 21 hrs on a three day cycle.

Apart from the host of subtle health/body comp benefits I have noticed from adding IF to low carb, the most astonishing thing for me has been how much less food (both fat and protein, carbs were already low) I need to eat to maintain body comp. And my appetite is completely satisfied by that much lower calorie intake. Some people may well not necessarily see this as an advantage. Food is fun, right?

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