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Since October, every physical struggle has disapeared. Now, there are two major things that have changed in my life. I wish i knew which one fixed everything, because I just feel so damn good it's scary.

I switched to grassfed meats. There are times when I do eat the odd protein that was grainfed....but over 95% of the time it's grassfed. And, no more eggs. The jury is still not out on this one, but, I just can't trust what a good natural egg is, the products are so damn tricky!!

I quit my night job. So, I have a regular day/night cycle. And I have so much energy. I am definitely "Caught up" on sleep. It's possible I have all this energy because I am only doing my crossfit training, but, I believe it's more a sleep pattern issue.

All in all, I am getting PR's in all crossfit WOD's. I feel strong again. I can do hard workouts anytime, and I can do them again in the same day. Hockey has been "easy" for me. I feel so much faster then everyone out there. Sure, I get tired like everyone else, but am ready to go again so quickly.

I have been paleo/IF. but to be honest, it's like my macro's dont' even matter. I have been staying away from fruits, change of season over here. Mostly root veggies, and alot of fat. No nuts, mostly drinking olive oil. But again, it feels like I can do no wrong. It's scary. I plan on riding this wave for as long as I can. Getting 3-4 solid metcons per week. Squatting and olympic lifting 2/ week. And just playing around with movements, having a good time in the gym.
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