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This thread reminds me of a post I saw on in an IF thread on Dave Draper's forum:

I was once in a village deep inside India where there was no electricity or running water, no telephone lines, and not much transport options. The life was simple – get up with the sun, eat a simple break fast, tend to the fields, tend the cattle, shower, lunch, do nothing much till the end of the day, dinner and sleep a little after sunset. All this food would be about two meals of what I would eat in a day here, and the work is about same effort as I put for my training and other sundries, but the body and mental load is 1/10 of what I have usually.

The first two days, I was frigging lost, finicky, worried and fidgeting – just because I didn’t have anything to keep myself busy than meet people; no work, no mental garbage, no phones, no emails. By day three I was relieved, relaxed and became calm. I tasted a little serenity and internal calm. I noticed the people unhurried, unworried, unbothered. Those guys are hearty and healthy, I lost five pounds in a week. This brings me to the effects of our modern living; its plate full.

This also looks the effect of mental tranquility in effecting the important blood serum factors. Have anyone noticed the medical bills of the explosive personalities? I have seen some, they are mainly blood pressure, diabetes, elevated heart rate, high lipids, immune problems, etc.

Have anyone thought about the effects of the rock, jazz and pop in everything? Am I going off tangent here?

Not exactly, as these things have also been studied, and the internal responses aren’t very tranquil.

Health may be effected by taking care of the basics first and getting down to the nitty gritty later, but good health is cellular in nature.

Live life to the fullest – physically, mentally, spiritually…

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