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Heidi, I don't think you should listen to us. What we are expressing is purely our own opinions on life, and what we would personally prefer. Don't drop out of school because of this. On the other hand, don't listen to your mom, or anyone else either. Be an individual, use your own mind and follow your heart. You have to ask yourself "What do I want out of life?" because you only live it once. A lot of people spend so much time planning and looking forward to what they are going to do with life that they never end up doing anything at all. I may be wrong, I've never met your mom, but the chances are she wants you to get a prestigious degree because it reflects well on her. It shows, in our society at least, that you're hard working, sophisticated, and intelligent. No parent wants their child to drop out of school, because they fear how that decision will reflect on them negatively. It's all social. A lot of that occurs with materialism as well. People want money and objects simply to show others how "good" they are. You're mom also wants to see you happy. Unfortunately, she has a twisted perspective on what happiness is, and like most people in our society, believes that it lies in materialism. I'm not personally criticizing your mom, my parents are the same way. Our culture has been trained this way, essentially brain washed. Television, Radio, billboards, ads in stores, etc combined with social ideals perpetuate this line of thought. It's important to decide what YOU want. You must follow your heart. This is key. If following your heart means working your ass off and getting a Ph D in a field that you're absolutely passionate about, then by all means, you should do this. If it means just getting a degree in environmental science or ecology and making what you wish of that, then do that. You need to prioritize. But whatever you do, do not follow a certain path just because other people want you to. It's your life, remember that. It may be that you really do like engineering, and your contemplating dropping out because they going is getting tough and you're feeling discouraged. If that's the case, then do not drop out. Work hard and get the degree you want. Based on your post, it seems quite clear that you don't care at all about engineering. If you really love the environment, and you would like a career in that field, then choose that path. You seem passionate about it. I feel the same way. It kills me to know that the environment is being destroyed because of a bunch of jackasses. I heard about this guy the other day that had a mansion with all sorts of fountains and fancy BS on his lawn. His house used 400,000 gallons of water/ month! The average household uses only 100,00 gallon/ YEAR. What a waste. Completely unnecessary. All because this bozo wanted to make up for his insecurities by showing every one "great" he is that he can afford such "luxuries". Follow your heart, honestly. Block out everyone else's opinions and truly ask yourself what you desire from life. Then make a decision.
There are dreams we’re taught are normal, whether it’s money or success or any of those things, but we shouldn’t believe in those things if they are not important to us. There is an ocean between our real lives and what is expected of us.” -Tim Lambesis
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