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Get the degree, You won't regret. It will open up a world of possibilities that will afford you the luxury and flexiblity to pursue other passions in life and most importantly your true calling in life. It is the balance between the starving artist (who loves what they do but struggles to make ends meet) and the wealthy investment banker (who makes tons of money but has a miserable personal life). What I mean is the degree will likely afford you a certain standard of living while you discover what it is that you really want to for the rest of your life (very few people really know what that is either especially majority of college students).

But above all - make sure to get your money's worth and not just labor over grades. Network like crazy (might be worth more than the degree later down the road), study abroad, take classes outside your major, socialize as much as possible and just ENJOY your time there as much as you can (of course that doesn't have to mean alcohol and partying!). As the saying goes, experience is the true spice of life.
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