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Originally Posted by Jordan Glasser View Post
I thought I checked this site regularly, but, this thread is growing fast and furious.

I am not too sure what's attracted me to express myself here, because the information has been put forth very articulately in numerous places.

Here goes:
Wake up every day and decide to enjoy life.
Surround yourself with people who do the same.
No one knows for sure how it is they will achieve the goals they are after....but make sure those goals exist, and you KNOW you will get there.
Yes, like it or not, people will influence you in life; friends, family, strangers, events. Make them influence you in a positive way. This sounds funny, but, it's all in perception...... Your mom, she is influencing you to finish school and get said degree. You can look at that and say, it's stressful to live up to her standards. Or, you can say, my mom knows I can do this, I should know I can do it too.

Stress is such a funny one. But it's everything. Only you create it, only you can influence it.

What was mentioned earlier about grades, the importance of them, and how some people can study less and get a better GPA is all related to stress. Staying up, studying too much, will leave the brain tired and inefficient. One that studied ahead of time, didn't lose sleep leading up to a test, and didn't cram all the information near the end in hopes of a good grade, is more likely to get a better result.

Like I said, I'm drawn to this thread like looking at debris leftover from an accident on the side of a highway. I think the reason is the value of expressing your thoughts when it comes to making decisions. So many people don't have the networks to stimulate and challenge themselves to achieve what they are capable of. and what it is IMO. It's about "learning" how to deal with stress. Life, is full of it, and learning how to overcome stressful situations, without "killing" yourself is the real value in school. The tools you develop to successfully complete what you started by going to college, are the tools that can make for a happy and fulfilling existence.

Oops, one more lastly, I don't think I read anywhere in this thread someone expressing their opinion that you should drop out of school.
Jordan - Very,very well said!

I will especially second what Jordan says about school teaching you how to deal with the life that comes after school. My degrees (B.S. and M.S.) are invaluable not so much that I use what I learned in classes every day, but I DO use the perseverance and pride that I learned through completing my degrees.
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