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Oh it all makes far too much sense! Errrggg oh can I not be consistent for more than a week geeze!!!

Steve, I used to find the cold showers would work wonders for me, used too being the operative word, but not lately.

do you figure a 14 block zone would set me straight? I weigh in the low 140's right now, and my activity level is picking up a bit.

Oh want to hear something funny? I ALMOST GOT RUN OVER BY A BUS!!!!!!!!!
About 10 minutes after speeking to you on the phone Robb I was walking down the street when a bus turned right into me actually brushing my face against the drivers window. Thank goodness for buses taking ultra wide turns because it only missed smoking me head on by about 6 inches...... I need to wake up, after some much needed sleep, my situational awareness is going right out the window...
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