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Greg Davis
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Doc this is your normal joint mobility warmup? HSPU and pistols? thats really jumping into it IMO.. the rest sounds more reasonable.. things like 15 pullups i would consider part of a workout but wow i guess you are pretty advanced relative to me!

i guess in this context you are prepping for some max oly lifting tho?

Joint mobility

Gymnastic "movements" warmup:
15 pullups
16 alternating pistols
15 35# KB single leg DL L/R
10 KTE
10 dips
15 53# KBs shrugs
15 forward lunges L/R
5 spinal extensions
15 GHD situps
15 full-depth parallette pushups
15 body rows
15 dowel OHS
15 decline situps
15 unweighted reverse hyperextensions
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