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Default Gant's workout log

I'm taking the plunge. I started CrossFitting at Rip's gym in late February (after a 7-year layoff from weights). I spent the first few months on a SS/ME black box type workout and ran my CFT up to 996. At that point, I considered myself strong enough to address some gaping holes in my GPP. I've become well conditioned but have lost a lot of strength in my squat and DL. I've done a little rehab on my left leg (joint issues) and am rebuilding my base with beltless, A2A squats. My goals include increasing overall strength, as well as getting stronger and improving in the OLY lifts. I'd also like to get back up to ~200 pounds while maintaining 11-13% BF.

My first snatch was 80 kg in late August. I've done it a handful of times since then. I haven't done cleans other than those prescribed in CrossFit workouts (135# or 157#). I'm going to compete in an OLY meet at my gym next month. I'm going to follow the CA-WOD but might augment the metcon aspect and add some Tabata (for other stuff I'm doing). I am 33/M/192 (~13% BF).

That's it for intros. Let's tee it up!
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