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I was an insomniac all through highschool up until through and to the end of my Infantry training! Eventually I got myself mostly sorted out and I've had about 3 years of good restful sleep since then. But it's all coming back to haunt me!

I'm sure its a combination of a HIGHLY inconsistent activity level.
Extemely inconsistent diet.
All initiated by an extremely chaotic summer DRIVING across North America, then moving, than not having any work, than getting hit by a car and getting Rhabdo!

At least I start working soon after Christmas, new gym, new unit, new year. Hopefully it proves gainful.

Seriously if I could ever get my shit together I will make some valuable contribution to the S&C field eventually, but if I continue on this path I'm on I see myself relegated to mediocrity, which just sounds boring, and though I am boring I rather not sound boring, lol...
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