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Hey Max,
A belated welcome!

Originally Posted by Max Murphy View Post
I doubt most would send a newbie in and start him off with the snatch, Cleans, and OH squats. Is there a general consensus on what exercises you should start with and then move into as you get some experience?
At the place I train, the coach has anyone who's new to the lifts start off with broomstick overhead squats -- mainly as an assessment of overall flexibility. Later on (maybe the same day or maybe many sessions later) lots of snatching in the following progression: hang position w/ bar above the knees, then hang position w/bar just below the knees, then the full lift from the floor. I don't think they had me do a clean/jerk for the first month I was there! As far as strength building, lots of pulls, squats and presses...I started off front squatting 95lbs as well, except that was my 4 rep max at the time!

I can't stress enough the importance of having an experienced eye critique your lifts early on. I learned to power clean and jerk on my own, and it took me an awful long time to get rid of bad habits (early arm bend, bar positioning, etc). Are there any Oly lifting clubs around where you live? If not, maybe video your sessions for online critique?

For the time being, I like your plan to get as comfortable with the clean-grip front squat. It's definitely awkward at first, but really important for when you eventually start cleaning.

Btw, one of the coaches here said he favors push presses over military presses since he considers the carryover to Oly lifting as being greater. Just something to think about.
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