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Originally Posted by Allison Barns View Post
Jordan - Very,very well said!

I will especially second what Jordan says about school teaching you how to deal with the life that comes after school. My degrees (B.S. and M.S.) are invaluable not so much that I use what I learned in classes every day, but I DO use the perseverance and pride that I learned through completing my degrees.
Thank you allison!

One last thing about stress, influences and perception.
Today I was driving to a client's house for a training session, and during the trip a car merges into my lane at a snails pace. The result is I will now be stuck behind this slow moving vehicle for the next 10 kms. So here it is. How did I perceive this event. First thought was aggresive.....I think what an idiot, now I'll be crawling along for the next 10 minutes. Stressful outcome, because now I am up this cars arse, hoping that he/she will at least go the speed limit for the next 10 minutes. Second reaction, relieved, ahh, now I don't have to worry about getting a speeding ticket, I'll drive nice and slow, and save the environment a little by not flooring my vehicle up every hill.

There is no difference in the event, only how I perceived it. Sure, it was a very trivial part of my day, as is waiting in line at the grocery store......or the bank, or the library.....but it could have been a more concerning issue, like 2 last minute client cancellations in a row, or finding out that the space I am hoping to lease for my business didn't accept my offer.
In all of the events that happened to me today, (which are all true BTW) none of it stressed me out, or drained me mentally. I am proud to say this, I am happy that I know how to perceive things positively and not negatively. To see the challenge and opportunity behind the dips and valleys in life. I learned these skills in school, in growing up, and not by grades and what my GPA is. But, being in school was a great forum for me to develop these skills, make mistakes, and be able to pick up the pieces and learn from them.

I am posting this because there was a lot of concern toward how school and life can be very stressful. And yes, they sure are. But, so much of it is one's own perception. How you react to them is how you will carve your path in life. Sure, school can seem like a path to nowhere, or the wrong path, but it truly is a journey. Making mistakes in school are a lot easier to overcome then the mistakes made in the real world. Embrace what school has to offer, don't dwell on it's imperfections.

there, that's my 4 cents!
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