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Joint mobility

OL portion of today's CA WOD:
Snatch (90% x 1 x 1): 57.5kg x 1 x 1
C&J (100% x 1 x 1): 76.5kg x 1 x 1, OOPS--only did about 90%. Dr. G's early morning math not so good...that and I maxed this the other day when I wasn't supposed to, so I'm going to say that I'm still a good person.
Front Squat (90% x 2 x 1): 100kg x 2 x 1

Finished workout this evening, 6pm

Gymnastics holds, 30" each:
Hanging L-sit, finished in tuck sit
GHD "body straight" hold
Back extension "body straight" hold
Bottom position pistol hold, L then R
Parallette L-sit, finished in tuck sit
70# KBs farmers hold in 2nd pull position
Legs unsupported "body straight" hold
Back extension "body straight" hold
Wall sit 90 deg
Tuck planche on parallettes, finished with toes on floor
Tucked front lever
Tucked back lever

Metcon from today's WOD:
3 rounds of
30 jumping pullups
20 15# DBs horizontal push to squat to pushup position and repeat (an attempt to mimic sprawl ball with a 15# ball, this destroys the front shoulders)
10 35# KB chops L/R

I'm done. Time to go home.
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