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I read somewhere that just one hit of starchy carbs can make the tryptophan you ate during the day more available, so you sleep better. There was a whole diet centered around that idea called "Potatoes not Prozac," but I don't know much about it.

I'm not a melatonin fan (since it's such a powerful hormone that can affect your entire metabolic cycle), but there's a difference between using 0.3 mg melatonin for 2 weeks or 1 mg for a few days, vs. 10 mg for 10 years. A small dose could be a good jump start. Anyone had any luck with 5-HTP? Nervines are good too. The combo of c, mg and zinc that Robb mentioned in his kick-ass article helped me a lot (elavated cortisol, anyone?) Working out before 1, being outdoors around noon (supesses melatonin), dimming the lights after sunset or at least for an hour before bed, having some kind of relaxing pre-bed routine for an hour or so, eating the last meal about 3-6 hours before bed (so as not to disrupt GH surges), slightly warm baths (cooled down a bit around the end) to cool down metabolism and relax the nervous system, nervine herbs, Jack Elias's CD on ending insomnia, meditating before bed (or at least getting vertical), etc. are some things to experiment with.

My only problem is that the more sleep I get, the more groggy/spacy/awful I look and feel the next day. So much for 9.5 hours.
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