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I wanted to throw that out there.

That being said, the OL pull and the KB pull are quite different, yet elite OLers have absolutely utilized KBs to improve their posterior chain strength.

The movements may be different enough in certain ways to not "overlap" neuromuscularly:
  • Horizontal pull (row) versus vertical pull (OL)
  • Rear end supported (row) versus unsupported (OL)
  • "Shortened" back extension (row) versus full back extension (OL)
  • Wind resistance (row) versus weight (OL)
  • And on and on...

Like so many misguided SPP approaches, I only think it would be likely to mess up your OL pull with rowing IF you tried to mimic an OL pull on a rower (both in pattern and intention).

Obviously CFers have been combining the two for a while and no negative pattern has been observed to this point, so I think we are pretty okay there.

Personally, I think rowing and OL are very complementary.
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