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1) Snatch - heavy single
45 kg, 60, 65
This was my first attempt at heavy snatches. I can't OHS this much, so they were all power snatches.

2) Clean & Jerk - heavy single
70, 80, 90
I haven't cleaned heavy in a long time, and I've never done the full C&J. My back was still sore, so these were power cleans.

3) Back squat - heavy single
110, 130
I walked out 150, started to go down, and stopped it at a partial. I'm not back there yet.

Three weeks until my first OLY comp. I'm the only CFer competing, and I'm going to get smoked. But I'm enjoying the prep, and I look forward to learning from some experienced weightlifters. I need a lot of work on snatch and C&J, but it's coming along.
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