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I don't hold authors in high esteem just because they are famous, but I recognize that work that has stood the test of time has grappled with the types of important questions that people have been wrestling with for eternity. I like looking at different perspectives.

Have you read Your Money Or Your Life? Great book.

Anyone who says that money is not necessary, though, has never had to live without it.

I disagree that any paying job will give people decent, healthful food. I've been to a lot of houses where the only food available is prepackaged. There is ramen and junk like that, but no meat, no fruit or vegetables. I had to get a food box once during hard times and what I received was Tang and rice and beans.

It is true that muscles must be stressed to grow, but too much stress can be their downfall and the same goes with mental stress.

I think that happiness depends on serving others; that is the only thing that has made me truly happy.
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