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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post

Like so many misguided SPP approaches, I only think it would be likely to mess up your OL pull with rowing IF you tried to mimic an OL pull on a rower (both in pattern and intention).


Personally, I think rowing and OL are very complementary.
The first is a very good point. People identify the erg stroke as a pulling motion and immediately categorize it as similar to the o-lifts, and I think that's a mistake. Because of the use of the seat and slide, the lift is not extremely similar to a deadlift, nevermind and olympic pull. In particular, leg extension as opposed is emphasized much more in rowing and hip extension much less, and so the hamstrings are much less involved in the stroke than in the pull.

Nevertheless, I agree with their second remark as well; they just provide so great an increase of total strength and power. I wish I'd done the oly lifts seriously as a crewbie.
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