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Default Starting PM Mass Gain

This weekend I had my LBM checked on a Tanita scale. I know not that accurate but withing a few pounds perhaps. It came in at 123lbs and almost 11% BF. My goals was to get pretty lean than go mass but if I go any more, I will not look that healthy. So starting tomorrow, I am switching to gain.

Here are the stats.

139 lbs
11% BF

14 Blocks x 5 fat for maintenance. = 1872.5 calories. - seems low.
+ 2 extra blocks to gain for week 1. = 2027.5 calories.

I am doing the PM mass gain program so we'll see how it goes.

A few question's for those that know. The program says L-Pull up 60& 6x6. Is that supposed to be %. A little confused.

Also, on the strength cycle, it says snatch pull/RDL. Do we chose or do these both, or are they considered the same thing. I don't think they are.


I'll update this weekly hopefully with more mass and a healthier look.
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