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(from CA 071008)

1) Front squat - 80% x 3 x 5
90 kg x 3 x 5
I didn't read this very well. I upped the weight from last week and stopped at 3 reps, so I stayed with triples and kept the overall volume (actually got more volume).
*Edit--ok, I read it well enough

2) Clean deadlift - triples up to 100% x 3 (% of clean)
80, 90, 110

3) Push press - 3 x 5 - try to increase load from last week
85 kg
I can't add. I was going to start with 65 kg for 5x5. I could only do a triple. I recounted, and realized I had a couple extra 10s on there. I didn't feel so bad, so I went with triples.
* Same as above

4) Chins - 3 x max reps
false grip ring pullups w/20-lb. vest
10, 10, 8

I figured it would be better to get some strength work in than sets of 25-30.

5) Overhead sit-ups - 3 x 8 heavy (*did 8 x 3)
8 or 12 kg KB. Done on AbMat
I don't remember. They were small. And cute.

6) TGU variation
20 kg barbell + 24 kg KB, 1 each side
Barbell was in the "up" hand. I'm not sure why I did it, but it was heavy, unstable, and lots of fun.

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