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Originally Posted by Jared Buffie View Post

The point of the graphs is that vaccine advocates say things like "you need to get your shots because vaccines are miracle drugs that eradicated all diseases", when it's plain to see they have not. I do not have the incidence numbers, but that is tying into another point that hasn't been covered here:

Since when is it so bad to get the chicken pox or the measles? What used to happen is that as children were exposed to these benign diseases, their immune systems got a "workout" so to speak, and it was part of it's natural maturing process. Now there are over 70 immunizations given by age six - and look what we've traded measles, mups, and chicken pox for:

1 in 150 kids is autistic
1/2 of all 6 months old have eczema
1 in 15 kids have a severe peanut allergy
1/2 of kids have either asthma or hay fever

Every year they add a new shot, childhood cancer rises 3%. What do these conditions have in common? They are all immune system related. There was an interesting article in Newsweek last week about peanut allergies - basically they are blaming it on the fact that our kids are no longer able to handle germs because of the sterile environment we live in and the vaccines (of course their answer, though is a peanut vaccine!).

On top of that, most outbreaks occur in vaccinated populations.

Didn't really answer you question, but anyways....

Measles is hardly a "benign" disease. According to both CDC and WHO, hundreds of thousands of children die due to measles each year (estimated at345,000 in 2005). I don't argue that correlation = causation, but statistically, measles deaths decreased by 65% globally from 1999 to 2005 during which time 360,000,000 children were vaccinated. To me, this is significantly more convincing than "I did/didn't get vaccinated and I did/didn't get the (insert disease here)". You can reference this data here: .

As far as the flu vaccine's efficacy, any data I've found imply a significantly greater protection than "0% to 14%". Here's one study showing that elderly people are 27% less likely to be hospitalized and 48% less likely to die if vaccinated:

I admit that I'm just beginning to research this topic, but thought I should present a somewhat opposing view. I don't believe that vaccines are completely safe and effective, however, I'm quite confident that they are effective, to varying degrees, in preventing many terrible diseases.
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