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Today's CA WOD:

Joint mobility

Snatch (85% x 1 x 2): 52.5kg x 1 x 2
C&J (85% x 1 x 2): 74kg x 1 x 2
I'm looking forward to the weekend PR tests, that's a good sign.

Gymnastics holds, 30 seconds each:
Tuck planche on parallettes, broken into two parts
Tucked front lever, one leg extended & elevated, switched halfway
Tucked back lever, one leg extended & elevated, switched halfway
Bottom position pistol hold, L then R
GHD "body straight" hold
Back extension "body straight" hold
One arm hanging tuck sit, switched hands halfway
Legs unsupported "body straight" hold
Reverse hyperextension "body straight" hold
Wall sit 90 deg
Parallette tuck sit
70# KBs farmers hold in 2nd pull position

Rotating positions through, 1 minute each, arm fully extended: front plank, R side plank, back plank, L side plank

Rotating positions through, 30 seconds each, resting on forearms: front plank, L side plank, back plank, R side plank
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