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I downloaded the Mass Gain template and it clarified the & to % so that's good. Still trying to figure out the snatch pull/RDL.

I'm learning some things only been on it a week. All nutritional. I am doing IF. Going for a last feeding time before 6-7 pm and breaking the fast after 11. Feels good. Around that time I start to feel the weakness. Little to no hunger pangs. I am eating Zone Paleo. My block make up is 16P, 7C and a whopping 99F. I cut the carbs in half like Robb mentioned in PM17. I am trying not to go above 70g for carbs in a day. The fat eating feels good and feel no sluggishness. I think I have a big insulin sensitivity which is why I am keeping the carbs low.

I am experimenting with the macro make up during the feed time. I go for 3 feed times. Today(rest day) I am going for all carbs before 3 pm. I had no fat in my first feeding and I felt like crap. Hungry within a few hours. I eat no fat in my PWO meal, which is always at night as I work out after work. We'll see how it goes. Abs are slowly disappearing but still there.
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