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Sunday: "Rest"...sort of. Did a lot of work at my parents' house and the gym/office. Ended up with a very tired low/mid back by the afternoon and decided that PR attempts after all of that would be a poor call.

Monday: CA WOD from Saturday 11/24/07, personal best attempts, BW ~178# (~81kg), 8am

Joint mobility

Snatch (new 100% x 1 x 1): 69kg (6kg personal best)
C&J (new 100% x 1 x 1): 89kg (4kg personal best)

As Borat would say, Niiiiiiice. I'm happy with that. I actually felt that I could do more in the C&J but I had to get to work and I figured I'd leave some in the tank for next time.

I'll join back in to the CA WODs on schedule tomorrow. Wait, what's that??? I feel so good during these workouts and I'm actually recovering well enough (as opposed to me in typical CF programming) that I'm going to do the second workout today and catch up right here and now? Well, okay then...

Today's CA WOD, 6pm, workout #2 of the day:

2 minutes rest taken between all sets and exercises
Back Squat (75% x 3 x 5): 100kg x 3 x 5, rounded up by 3kg
Snatch-grip Deadlift (105% x 3): 70kg x 3, mistake in loading made it short by 5kg
Push Press (? x 3 x 5): 50kg x 3 x 5
Pull-ups (3 sets x max reps): BW x 20, 12, 10
TGU Situps (35%BW x 6 L/R x 3): 24# KB x 6 L/R x 3, done straight-on situp style, never thought about doing the side roll style until after the first set

Awesome workout, as usual. Tucson weather around 6pm right now is just icing on the cake. Coach Greg just may be creating a monster here...this is too much fun. Following along the lines of Dan John's saying regarding coaching oneself, I'm sure glad I don't have an idiot for a coach anymore.
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