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Starting a journal as it seems like it will help me be better organized and easier to review my past training.

Currently I have competed in two oly meets and I plan to compete again but I don't have a definite date as of yet. I know that I need to get a lot stronger, and my training has to be able to work around my schedule which is abnormal. I work 5 40 pm to roughly 6 20 am every sun., mon., tues., and every other sat. Ot is assigned on top of this base schedule; it is not uncommon to work 5 days a week with split days off. I like the idea of KISS in my training, especially right now, so here we go!

general warmup-rowing, pushups, kipping pu, and air squats

back squat

45 95 135 155 175 185 for 5x5
Trouble focusing on 4th work set due to mirror. ( I forgot how much I dont like Globo Gyms)

Push Press

95x3 115x3 135x3 155 for 6x3
these were decent not outstanding

Tac Strength style pullups ( false grip, neck to bar)

back ext. 2x15

I was short on time tonight, so I had to hit the globo gym down the street from me. It was a little strange as I hadn't trained anywhere but WS s&c for 6 months.
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