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Joint mobility (extra hip and shoulder work today)

3 Position snatch high-to-low (60% x 3 sets): 34kg x 3 sets
Muscle snatch + snatch balance (? x 1+2 x 3 sets): 29kg x 1+2 x 3
~2 minutes rest taken between above sets and exercises

Metcon 4 rounds for time, all done with a 53# KB (70# too heavy for 35%, 35# too light for 25%, so I struck a compromise), BW ~178#:
5 dynamic upright rows (goal 35% BW)
5 overhead swings (goal 35% BW)
5 L,R snatches (goal 25% BW)
That felt really good! Only stopped for several seconds--once to fix a sleeve and once to reset grip.
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