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Jonathan Owen
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Training session at Wilson Spencer S&C

Warm up

Jump Rope and assorted kettlebell stuff (light)
really tight and sore from previous training session

Burg warm up with pvc then Bar

Bednarski Snatches

Decent, 1st set at 50 was very nice

Snatch High Pulls
50x3 60x3 80x3x3
Last set was really good! The other sets I had problems holding my hips down consistently on 1 or 2 reps each set.

Rod's Complex

3 pow cleans, 3 high hang full cleans, 3 front squats, 3 push-jerks
Did this for 5 sets( 1 of the above being a set)
1st set at 40, then 4 sets at 42.5

Wow! This hurt my feelings!

Glute Ham Raise

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