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Kicking is for wussies.
Heavy bag tips, from me, former Golden Gloves winner (Syarcuse, NY, novice division)
1) learn how to wrap your hands
2) learn how to punch
3) in a doorway? then you can't circle the bag, so your movement and variation will be limited.
4) because of 3), probably lots of str8 punches. Jab, double jab, one-two, jab-cross-jab then step out. Lots of in and out. those three combos should work.
5) work rounds. 2 min on, 1min off, the 3min on, 1min off, finishing the last 30sec of each round with lots of fast, hard, flurries, with good form.
6) I can't see how to really work hooks in with the doorway issue. And hooks are awesome. Also, moving in and out str8 back is dangerous- one should move to the side rather than straight back.

I included 1 and 2 b/c I dunno if you know these or not. Lots of people hit with bent wrists and mess themselves up on a bag quickly.
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