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Today's CA WOD 11/28/07:

Front squat (75% x 3 x 5): 84kg x 3 x 5, I need to retest my max front squat soon
Clean pull (100% x 3, 103% x 2, 105% x 1): 89kg x 3, 91.5kg x 2, 94kg x 1, first time doing these, I like them
MODIFICATION = KBs Jerk 70# x 3 x 3, these were much harder than I anticipated

MODIFICATION = Gymnastics holds, 30 seconds each:
Parallette handstand
1-arm hanging tuck sit L/R
GHD situp "body straight" hold
Back extension "body straight" hold
Bottom position pistol hold, L/R
Parallette tuck sit, done in two parts
Inversion hang
Legs unsupported "body straight" hold
Back extension "body straight" hold
Wall sit 90 deg for 1 minute
Parallette tuck planche, done in two parts
Tucked front lever
Tucked back lever
Front/Right/Back/Left Plank, rotated through, each position held for 1 minute

3 rounds for time of:
10 (yay!) Burpees
10 (canvas Everlast punching bag) clean to shoulder, hard yet satisfying
MODIFICATION = 15 15# CBs overhead swings, absolutely fries the grip and I like it

What has 2 thumbs and is *really* glad that tomorrow is a rest day?!?...

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