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Jonathan Owen
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Snuck into the globo gym, at least they have a platform and bumpers, and a climbing rope, so its not all that bad. Tonights training was intended to be short and light as I am trying to mimic the Texas Method ( ala Rip In Prac. PRog.) I also want to take advantage of the am range schedule as opposed to my normal pm shift.

500m row on concept 2

Front Sq.

45x5 95x3 115x3 135x3 165x3 175x3 175x3
these felt good and fairly light like they were supposed too!
Strict Press (weights were pow. cleaned up from ground on 1st rep)
45x5 65x5 95x5 115x5 115x4 1Fail pause 1
Wow! This was supposed to be a easy-to-medium gauranteed 5 reps!
I never press, but I thought I would suck a little less with all the overhead work in the olys. However, after being used to PP and Jerking, the strict pressing felt so foreign. I had to focus on not dipping and driving on almost every rep.
Power Clean

These were thrown in as an afterthought purely for fun.

Thanks! Feel free to throw out any criticism or advice, I wanna hear it!
Train Hard! Have Fun!
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